Slate with contrast color

Stamped Pool Patio

Spruce up your patio around your swimming pool with this fully stamped patio. We used a slate stamp on the entire patio with two color combos. This style is stunning, easy to care for, and extremely durable.

Traditional Brushed Pool Patio

This style is easily the most popular among pools especially for children. Traditional broom finished concrete is cost effective, has non-slip features, and ideal for wet areas such as patios around swimming pools to avoid slips and falls.

round rock outer border

Traditional Brushed Pool Border with Outer Stamped Concrete

This style features a traditional brushed pool border that has non-slip features when wet and added color/texture to surround it.

Round Rock Stamped Pool Border

Stamped Pool Border with Outer Traditional Brushed Concrete

This client chose to combine our traditional broom finish, but border the swimming pool with our round rock stamped concrete. This styles allows for that non-slip patio while also adding a decorative component.


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